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12/21/2020, 17:22:01

The multiple strand hands are all sort of Coke bottle green. These are the ones that had "Made in Indonesia" tags. I'm not sure where I bought them, but I have plenty of others in similar sizes/thickness/shapes that are brown (like beer bottles), clear/white-ish, grey, and blue. And almost all of them relate to real bottle colors, so I assume that's where your term "lapidary-worked glass beads" comes into play?

Hans, none of mine are powder glass, nor painted, I don't care for them very much, for some reason, rarely buy them. I think those of us who aren't expertse used to be called "sand-cast beads", don't know what the proper term is called now, but they look very different than those in the picture.

Jamey, yep, I've called all the beads I've bought from African bead traders "African trade beads". And I've always assumed the beads were actually FROM Africa, if not actually MADE there (like Venetian, Dutch, Bohemian glass trade beads.) Would "repurposed" glass beads work? :-)

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