International recycled glass beads?
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Posted by: Luann Udell Post Reply
12/19/2020, 16:46:01

For some reason, I've always assumed that these recycled glass beads were made in Africa.

Today I came across this stash while looking for my Christmas ornaments. The hanks of 10 strands? All say "Made in Indonesia".*

I realize it's kinda silly to have assumed only people in Africa had these skills. But any idea which came first? Who may have been inspired by whome?

*Yeah, that's a lot of recycled glass beads! My work was featured in a mail order catalog a long time ago. They ordered 100 of my bracelets right off the bat, I panicked, and stocked up in case there were orders for hundreds more. Nope. But I'm still prepared! :-D

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