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12/13/2020, 11:37:21

I am not aware that anyone has presented a strand of imitation-amber prayer beads (nor other formats) that can be identified as consisting of "Faturan."

For the most part, the "story of Faturan" is presented as an impossible fable (if only because the time presented is 100 years too early).

Without exception, the beads I have seen that were being misrepresented as "Faturan" were (I am confident) merely European cast phenolic plastic beads. I do not refer to these products as "Bakelite" for reasons I have explained many many times.

I cannot identify your beads from a photo. But I can recommend that you perform the rub test, brine test, and hot-needle test—and perhaps you will have a more-clear idea what your beads consist of.

Here's a link from 2006:


Related link:

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