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Posted by: Fionna Post Reply
12/12/2020, 02:30:29

Does anyone has an idea about the material of this necklace? It is a huge necklace, quite heavy and it makes the bakelite sound when when the beads hit each other but it tests negative for bakelite. I purchased it on a Dutch marketplace website. The lady I bought it from (who collects jewelry herself) had no idea what material it was and it wasn't her style (nice of way of saying she hated it). I think it is beautiful whatever material it is. Could it be faturan?

The big beads are 4cm X 2cm, the smaller beads 1,5cm X 1,5cm. The weight is 227 grams (about half a pound).

ketting1a.jpg (28.1 KB)  IMG_20201212_105827823_(1a).jpg (42.1 KB)  

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