Scammer using Mark Kenoyer's name & SBR affiliation
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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
11/26/2020, 13:25:28

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Just in case you see this in your in-box and don't immediately realize it's a scam -

Someone has been using J. Mark Kenoyer's name and title of President, Society of Bead Researchers (SBR), to send scam emails that ask for the recipient to purchase gift cards for a charity.

Here's the message:

I needed you to kindly purchase 5pcs x $100 of either eBay,Walmart or Amazon or Target gift cards which totals $500 for the donation pledged to Veterans at Hospice & Palliative Care. I will be liable for reimbursement.

You can purchase them at any Kohl's,CVS, Kwik, Macy's, Walmart, or Walgreen's Store. Due to the time frame of the pledge, I will be glad if you get them early enough today.
E-mail me immediately you buy them for instructions. Let me know if a check will be fine for reimbursement.Thank you.

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