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11/20/2020, 02:10:21

The Vintage and Antique cloisonne colors no matter where they have been produced (China, Japan) seem so vibrant and rich. These are beautiful- thanks for sharing. Keeping my eye out hoping to luck into a few one far no old cloisonne, but they really are too lovely to pass up!

Question- how does one tell the difference between Japanese and Chinese cloisonne beads? Is it mainly the design that helps you decide origin or the wire work technique, base metal such as copper, the colors used??..And what about age- how do you decide how relatively old or new the bead is? Are you able to give me some basic hints please?

This difference brings to mind an episode of Antiques Roadshow and an Antique Japanese red cloisonne vase:

Do the difference that point to origin in larger pieces like vases hold true for beads in any way?

Thanks so much, Anne H.

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