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11/10/2020, 11:39:09

The blue beads vary around 30-32x12-15mm.
The dark sapphire beads have large holes, could be cane-drawn?
The inky cobalt beads have small holes, narrow flattened ends, could be molded?

The amber glass beads vary around 30-31x12-23mm, have small holes and narrow flattened ends, and seem to match closely those in Strand 6, page 16 of the Picards' book on "Russian" beads, described thus:

"11- and 12-sided with a total ot 55 or 60 facets; translucent light amber.These beads were molded, not drawn."

Karlis Karklin's book indicates the measurement of the sort of bicone dark cbalt bead on the Levin card to be 27.3x12.8mm.

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