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11/03/2020, 06:08:41

Hi Stefany,

Wow that is amazing! It's so lovely to find a link! That's made my day :-) Yes she lived in Islington many years ago before moving to Dartmoor where she spent the last thirty odd years of her life. But I know the Islington home because my uncle, one of her sons, lived there. He also made jewellery at some point and they shared a hallmark.

Yes Id love to meet you after lockdown, when I am next in London, as I live in york now. Yes its quite possible some of my inherited beads were bought from you..

Do you have a website for your work? Are you still making jewellery? It is a wonderful passion which I am thankful for inheriting from my Grannie. I know she sold her work in Heals department store at some point, and through places like Dartington hall. She was certainly a character that people remember! I'm attaching a photos of her jewellery, using her collected beads and her own handmade beads, and some photos of her too. Photos of her will be the next item in this thread...

Zoe x

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