Pyu/tircul carnelian and agate and pumtek beads?
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Posted by: ZoeK Post Reply
11/02/2020, 07:58:16

Here are a small group of possible pyu/tircul Ďetchedí beads, I think... from looking at photos and reading posts...

If I take close ups will it help in identifying if they are old/authentic? What is the age range of pyu/tircul culture beads?

Iím such a beginner, trying to make sense of grannies collection. Also, I am a jewellery designer myself (Grannie was a jeweller whose work specialised in her own hand made silver beads alongside those she collected) and I donít want to blindly use her beads without a true appreciation of what they are! Maybe some are too precious to use in my own work.

Also, I have some carved varieties and treated varieties that I think are pumtek, based on what I have researched so far. Iíll post photos of those in this thread too..

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