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11/01/2020, 11:16:31

Granted, I may only have access to antique stores that don't have expensive/high-end rosaries 😄 but most of the ones I've seen or picked up over the years were NOT made with precious metals. And I've also noticed that most of us would NOT notice a few shiny steel washers amongst the sterling silver ones... 😳

And they may work "well enough" in the mix until you can accumulate enough sterling washers to replace the steel ones. With rosary chain, you only have to undo one bead to replace a set of washers.

I only offer this advice (which I know you didn't ask for) because this morning I realized a similar issue has been holding ME back on some projects dear to my heart.

So I'm just sharing my own mini-breakthrough with you, in case it helps! 🤗

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