Setting up my exhibit of African & Native American Beadwork - Vintage to Antique
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07/11/2020, 14:41:25

When I first arrived in Tucson in 1972 I immediately became enchanted by the Southwestern culture and history. I got a job at one of the 2 really nice bead stores in town. I worked at The Bead Shaman and visited at Piney Hollow. I began collecting, buying from the Africans who came to sell trade beads to the shops. I asked a lot of questions and fell in love with beads! Over the years I've continued to enjoy, study and amass a wonderful collection of beads and antique tribal artifacts. Many are rare and hard to find items due to my friendships around the world. For the past 22 years my wife and I have owned and operated a very nice bead and crystal shop in San Diego. It's truly a dream come true! We're setting up our shop in a new location in Vista Ca, having moved after 22 years due to high rents and the virus situation. We've got a nice Museum Room housing many beautiful items. Pleased to share some with you here. I hope you Enjoy them too. Please feel free to Contact me if you have any questions or interest.

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