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Bead Collector's Corner

This is Jamey Allen's Yahoo group for people who are interested in collecting and studying beads and beadwork.

An on-going archive of bead sample cards for reference and preservation.


Interactive bead discussion using an email list-serve

Picard Trade Bead Museum

Importing beads, handcrafts, sculpture and textiles since 1969.

Rings and Things Bead Society / Art Guild List

Website for the Center for Bead Research. The late Peter Francis Jr. was a highly respected bead researcher and web pioneer.

The Bead Society of Great Britain

The Bead Society of Great Britain, is a subscription-based, non-profitmaking, non-commercial venture run by a permanent Team who work voluntarily.

The Bead Society of Los Angeles

The oldest bead society in the United States, founded in 1975.

The Society of Bead Researchers

Fostering research on beads of all materials and periods.

Bead Related Blogs

Floor Kaspers Blog

You can order Floor’s bead research books here.

Tibetan dZi and other Himalayan Beads

The Beads of Burma, Ancient to Present Day

Vendors of the Bead and some of our favorite sites

Africa and More

Excellent service and quality ethnographic and tribal artifacts on line. Here you will find an outstanding selection of African art, trade beads and collectible jewelry from Yemen.

Africa Direct

With over 15,500 pieces in stock, Africa Direct features the largest online selection of African artifacts, baskets, textiles,beadwork, Trade Beads and Ethnic Jewelry.

African Trade Beads

African trade beads, jewelry, artifacts, and curios, ancient and modern.

Art Seymour Glass

“A truly exceptional bead should be well made, it should be luscious, desirable, and mysterious.

It should provoke wonder through the magic it expresses. It should call out to be held and studied. It should, in the act of being worn upon the person lend a sense of that magic to the wearer. “ Art Seymour


Fabulous Genuine Art and Artifacts from the Himalayas

Beaded Lily

Unique beads and designer jewelry. Located in Italy and specializing in exceptional Italian & European products.


Super directory of bead websites, shows, and stores

Beadventure Tours

Offering international travel to over 14 countries with many talented teachers and experts in the field of beadwork, beadmaking and more.

Canal Fulton Glassworks

Appreciating hot glass with Brian Graham.

Crazy Crow Trading Post

Native American Indian and American Mountain Man crafts, craft supplies and craft kits.

David Ebbinghouse

Researcher, traveler, jeweler and artist,Ebbinghouse seeks to create an art that transcends the boundaries of how we normally think about art.

Dorje Designs

Original, antique and ancient ethnographic jewelry and beads from around the globe.

Durable Goods

Nationally exhibited mixed-media art and jewelry by talented artist Luann Udell.

East of Oz

Trade beads, Venetians and lots more. See their show schedule.

Ethnic Jewels

An appreciation of ethnic jewellery and adornment

Himalayan Merchantile

A world of antiques and ethnographica.

Kabba Beads

Direct importers of vintage and antique European beads from the African trade as well as beads and baskets currently made in Africa. Also offering antique Mediterranean coral.

Lopacki Co.

Master Lapidary, Jeweler and all around Wizard

Luigi Beads

Luigi Cattelan, glass master from Murano, Venice

Beads and jewelry dating from antiquity to the present and specializing in the tribal.

Picard Trade Bead Museum

Importing beads, handcrafts, sculpture and textiles since 1969.

Rita Okrent

Antique and collectible beads and unique jewelry

Rings and Things

Wholesale Supplier of Jewelry Findings and Beads for Professional Craftspeople


Number one UK Mail-order source for: Books on Beads, Beadwork and Bead Crafts Seed Beads, Glass Beads, Semi-precious Stone Beads Beading supplies.


Your online source for ancient, antique, and modern collectible beads.

Tiger Tiger

Importing quality rugs, beads, Dharma items, and handcrafts from the Himalayas and Southeast Asia since 1992.

World on a String Project

An amazing 5 DVD series all about beads!