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Posted by: mosquitobay Mail author
03/14/2014, 09:48:06

Hi Jake, It is a lovely piece, nice patina and condition. It is hard to believe the seller did not know some background on it though, at least from which region it came from.

By comparison to the figural items in my collection, which are mostly western Asia, it compares to some degree, but the only similar pieces I have (meaning kneeling cats) are drilled vertically for suspension rather than horizontally. On the other hand the Tircul or Samon Valley pieces I have are all drilled horizontal. Not sure if that is a significant indicator or not.

The type of animal appears to be a cat, at least somewhat similar to the type commonly seen in the Tircul groups. Maybe Will may get a chance to chime in.


See Tircul animals below:

bf319.jpg (64.4 KB)  

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