I heard from Jamey, too!
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Posted by: Luann Udell Mail author
11/02/2013, 15:38:35

Yes, the site I linked to is goofy, I just liked the beads! :^)

I truly appreciate learning the true story about all the beads I love. Some people responded to a post I wrote (on my blog) on some new jewelry pieces I'd made, asking about some galls beads, and I linked to sites that had pictures of various beads I was using, and where the beads could be purchased.

Unfortunately, there was also a lot of misinformation and misleading text connected to the images, so I took the links down when Jamey pointed that out.

My problem is, I personally don't mind copies or "fakes" if I like the bead, nor do I collect valuable beads just because they're valuable. I have to like them first, then be willing to pay the asking price, whether they're real or not, if they're worth it to me. Not very scholarly of me--I admit I can be intellectually lazy when it comes to things I love.

But I also don't want to deliberately participate in deception and chicanery. :^)

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