its hard to tell from photo
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Posted by: tofsla Mail author
09/28/2013, 10:51:04

main issue is - there are many old beads out of Asia with no patina and so shiny that they easy can be mistaken for fake, while they not fake at all.

Also there are plenty of beads out of Taiwan that are fakes but they have very well made patina, so they look very used, while in reality they are new...

I find personally most reliable way to look at how deep is etching and if there is no deep etching - i tend to consider beads as subject.

its becoming harder and harder to tell what is old and what is fake... so unless bead has very define weather and wear marks - it almost impossible to say anything with 100% confidence.

IMHO i will stay away from all 3 from above photos. They may be real may be not - but considering they are expensive beads - its better to be safe then sorry...

Sarva Mangalam

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