And whether you've had one as a pet.
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Posted by: Joyce Mail author
08/04/2013, 11:02:59

I'm gonna run right along with you on this digression, it's fun once in awhile!

Never had rat meat......but let me tell a little story...

During the summers when our son was 6 - 7 years old, he loved to catch crawdads (like freshwater lobster) in the creek very near our house. He'd put water into a bucket, and dangle salami on a string down from the little bridge.......the lucky crawdads that hung on got plopped into the bucket, and counted as they were released back to the creek at the end of the fishing session.

Well, one day there were 4 tiny (and I mean less than 1/2") crawdads in the bucket when he dipped it into the creek. The babies were brought home, and kept in a freshwater tank, fed regularly. One died. One grew quickly and scared the other two, who got released back into the creek. The big guy became a domesticated pet, as close to tame as a crawdad could get. He'd reach upward to take fresh turkey burger from my fingers. He let our son gently scrub the algae off his back with an old toothbrush and fresh water. He was really quite pretty - huge and bright orange. Grandma named him "Knothead". He lived nearly 2 years. He aged very quickly at the end - his legs grew obviously weak, and his eyes clouded over, this all happened in about 2 weeks - our pet crawdad had lived his whole life cycle with us, fat and sassy. Do you think I will ever knowingly eat that sort of critter again? Nope.

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