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Posted by: tofsla Mail author
06/26/2013, 17:09:42

Jake - no question is real gzi and provide for wearer all benefits that only real gzi give. My personal view is - that gzi is gzi is gzi.. as soon as its real - you will get everything you expecting from wearing it (i been wearing gzi beads for 20+ years).

Considering where prices are now, I think you very fortunate man to have them in your collection. I can say same about myself - i could never buy what i have now at current prices. I still remember somone coming to my hotel in Peshawar for 2 days trying to convince me to buy some 4eye gzi bead back in late 80ties and me refusing do so... I wish I knew, I wish he knew :)

On subject of pricing and grading. There are A B C D grade of pure gzi beads (same as diamonds) , and prices we often hear about are applicable to grade A beads. Most pieces you see for sale on internet or by American/European dealers are mostly grade C with very few of grade B... You 2 eyes are typical grade B bead and sago-namgo grade C bead, 3eyes you been talking about from Garuda website is C-- (almost D) and sago-namgo from same website is C. I think its very important consideration when people price/buy gzi beads. Not all gzi are priced same, while all gzi beads provide same benefits for wearer!

Hope my mumble helps

P.S. On another note - i think its just matter of price. If somone prepare to pay market price - there are very few beads that you can't buy. name what you want - and i can source it! so when everything said and done - its all about money, i.e rather boring subject!

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