thanks Joyce BUT - my question is NOT academic
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Posted by: tofsla Mail author
03/25/2013, 19:01:56

I read Jammy article, and few other things on Pyu/gzi/Pumtek, however my question is not academic (this I leave to you and Jammie and other people)

My question is more spiritual and filly-touchy. Let me elaborate, as I hope I get better answer this way:

1. For me gzi beads are product of ultimate beauty that human who is both blessed and with very good karma on many levels, have chance to have. I am not going into more detail - but there are allmost nothing in material world (I REPEAT IN MATERIAL) that I consider to be equal to gzi. I been collecting them for over 20yrs, so I have my money and my life where my mouth is!

2. Pumtek beads presented look to me like piece of wood, and not even good looking piece of wood, with scratched lines that in state of drunkenness can remote remind gzi beads to blind minds.

AS RESULT OF 1 and 2 I am trying to understand WHY? Why people collect pumtek beads? What is driver? What is the reason? Hope thats explain my question.

For example, I dont collect glass beads, but I clearly can explain why people collect them - they are pretty. I dont collect cars - but I can clearly explain why people collect them - they are pretty, etc, etc. etc...

Unfortunately for me I can't explain why people collect pumtek, so I am asking on this forum, with hope to get answer!

I hope I did not insult upset anyone. This is personal view. Some people love houses, diamonds, cars, watches... So i have right to love gzi? do i?

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