Those are very nice large stones!
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Posted by: Russ Nobbs Mail author
02/01/2013, 21:50:14

The stones are very nice ones. I'll repost this neckalce on the Pinterest page Floor mentions.

"Chief's Necklace" is a marketing term, not a name that Southwestern natives would use, unless they were trying to sell....

The silver beads look to be mass produced by one of several place that machine stamp them in halves and use a kiln or furnace to solder them. This kind of bead is still made by Indian Jewelry Supply and Thunderbird Supply. Each these suppliers bought one of the 2 main small shops making these sorts of stampings and beads. These are the typical beads used in stringing Squash Blossoms and many other Southwestern necklaces. They are often called "bench beads" but, strictly speaking, are not hand made beads.

So far in Tucson I have seen a lot of newly made beads from stone that was mined in the 70's and 80'.

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