I will try to help anyway I can...
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Posted by: Frederick Mail author
10/08/2012, 22:02:06

Dear Chris,

Free of cost,

I would be pleased to send a composition bead to someone for a test.
And how would this person determine the composition of this bead?
Or, what would you like to determine, and how would you proceed?

I hear that even with an entire industrial lab at your disposal -after ruling out glass and stone by inspection- it starts to get difficult.

Also, I've been informed that "microscopy may reveal a lot as well, but not composition. And, that If you have samples of a known composition to compare to an unknown, then the task gets a lot easier. Thus, the fingerprints of the compounds can be compared. But searching the encyclopedia of chemical fingerprints is a formidable task, if starting from scratch, even if you have reduced the number of possibilities by clever deduction."

As I said, I will be happy to donate and mail a bead to you or anyone else, if:
he or she will propose a course of action and make a commitment on this
forum to get back to us with the results of the test, in timely manner.



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