Khartoum, Omdurman Market, 2006 – 2011
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Posted by: Pascal Joannes Mail author
08/23/2012, 01:03:08

Hi there, first let me say than I am delighted to have found your forum and to receive professional advice from top notch experts like Carl or Beadiste.
Between 2006 and 2011, I have been posted in Khartoum and soon became addicted to the beads’ stands of the Omdurman market on Friday’s.
In Khartoum, the beads trade goes this way: Sudanese people come from the country side to sell old beads and to buy new beads made in Germany, Turkey, China, etc… The beads dealers sell the old beads to “kawadja”, the foreigners.
The first pictures (Omdurman Amber 1 & 2) is just there to illustrate what Musa, the leading bead trader calls “1st quality amber”, genuine natural amber that he buys by weight and sells typically by strings of 12 to 15 beads. Personally, I indeed believe Musa: genuine natural amber
The next picture (Sudanese Cherry Amber A) is my first question. These beads are also sold as “1st quality amber”, genuine natural amber by the Sudanese dealers. For the same price than the above mentioned Omdurman amber. I am tempted to believe the dealers maybe because I like a lot the beads, their shape, their color. Your input would be precious.
The third and last picture (Sudanese Cheery Amber B) is my second question. The beads are a bid too identical, their shape too regular. Genuine amber? I do not think so. Pressed amber? Copal? Phenolic/ Acrylic plastic? Here I need your help
I know that giving on opinion based on a picture is almost impossible. Sorry for that. If anybody is interested, I can forward by mail the full size picture.
Thank you so much in advance
PS: Based on your recommendations, I conducted both the hot water and the aroma tests. The “Kerbet Ali” went through with flying colors.

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