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Posted by: PuppyLoveJewelry Mail author
08/05/2012, 14:32:11

Thank you for stopping in to give me a more experienced opinion. I tend to feel cautious and suspicious too. The Nila beads just look so close to ones I have here at home too in terms of there shape (rounded side, flat side, some leaning or slumping, wide variation in size). If they are fakes, this is bad news because they are pretty darn good as far as I can tell in their form at least.

The seller is questionable. I asked her how I could feel confident about the beads authenticity and the answer was very weak in my opinion- about how she only buys from ebay powersellers with thousands of positive feedback points and also travels herself to buy.

I just want some nice rich blue translucent Djennes so bad! :(

BTW, I am horrified at who is qualified to be a top rated powerseller on ebay! I have this status and always thought it was a fairly good sign of an honest hard working merchant however I have recently realized that if a dishonest seller sells in massive bulk- numerous ebay transactions, thousands and thousands, that even if dozens of people are unhappy and leave bad feedback because of percentages and how they work the seller can still stay in good standing. That is awful I think. I also saw a woman who left abusive comments after her customers feedback...she did it 5 or 6 times and still remained a top rated powerseller! Making fun of your customers? That is not a top rated seller in my book.

There is so much fraud and dishonesty on ebay that I am honestly embarrassed sometimes to sell there. They are very good at helping with protection from scary buyers, and very good and getting stuff out there and seen, so I am trapped for now.

I used to sell on Etsy until a woman begged me for a deep discount on a pendant supposedly as a gift for a sick person, took it apart to figure out my design and then began making her own pendants with my design and selling them on Etsy. I was so hurt and sick over it. Etsy did not protect me at all and there was clear documented evidence for them to work with. Too bad, because Etsy looks like such a classy venue compared to ebay. I love their look.

But the pigs gotta eat! haha! Organic vegetables for a herd of 11 guinea pigs every day gets expensive ;) Not to mention Cecil the husky and his ability to snarf down a bag of treats in a day.

Have a nice Sunday and thank you again for weighing in.

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