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Posted by: floorkasp Mail author
06/15/2012, 01:24:14

This summer I will be heading for Jablonec again.
I will finish up gathering information for book number 3. Book number 2 on Beads from Tucson is delayed for a few more weeks because of technical stuff. The file has become too large for my computer to edit......

I have just been given permission to visit the depository of the bead and glass museum again. Last time I mostly looked into sample cards of prosser beads. This time I will ask them to gather sample cards from the type of beads that were made for a specific period, like Egyptian revival beads, or for a specific culture/group such as Islamic beads and such.

Now that I have the chance to go there again, I was wondering if there is anything specific that any of you would like me to look into. Any specific interest or question that could be solved by having a look at Czech sample cards? If so, I will do my best to have a look at that too.

Looking forward to it!

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