Thank you EVERYONE!
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Posted by: Joyce Mail author
06/14/2012, 19:19:29

And to Thomas for organizing this. It truly was spontaneous on his part.
It's the first time in 5 years we have had to ask for donations, and it's a tough time for most people, so we are very heartened by the support!! I know that times are different now for everyone since bcn started. But what a dynamic, diverse community we have become! The members of bcn have enriched my bead knowledge, curiosity and pleasure every day for years. What an amazing thing!

Gratitude!!! I am speechless.

Here's an old bcn image of the late Zinder, my mother-in-law's sweet dog. She had at least some Azawakh in her heritage. Azawakh are the Tuareg bred desert sighthound. Zinder is wearing a Susan Green necklace made with a Tuareg pendant.

Below that is an image of a protype mock-up of a new BCN fake dzi bead that I did a few years ago. What do you think?!

03-01az.jpg (90.6 KB)  DSC04490.jpg (39.6 KB)  

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