Adornment and a hammer
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Posted by: Uwe Mail author
06/10/2012, 03:19:51

Left side are bands of leather with agate Talhakimts, carved conus shells, silver southern crosses, silver pendants and coral beads, from Mauritania, knotted in the hair usually.
To the right a rarer sugar hammer. Sugar and salt was transported through the desert molded into blocks and very hard, so the consumers needed something to knock portions from those blocks. The Berber versions of these hammers are bigger, different figured and made of brass. This one is a smaller version, beautiful and typical Touareg decorated and from unknown metal (its more brighter from color, not that yellow as brass).
60cm the leather stings, 21cm the hammer

Marrakech at night with the Koutoubia mosque: The question comes up, which way headless ghosts orient themselfs...a moment later she was walking right through me....:-)

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