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Posted by: lopacki Mail author
05/23/2012, 11:02:48

When I first started silver smithing Suziís brother gave me the Bosuns whistle in the image below, he was the guy that piped the Captain on board in the Navy. I thought it was pretty cool so I made Suzi a small whistle for when we were out hiking, she could blow on the whistle and even if I could not see her I knew what direction she was from my location.

My Granddaughter Tanna was going through Suziís stuff about two months ago and found her whistle.Grandma where did you get this?Grandpa made it.Grandpa I want a whistle!

Below an image of the Bosun's whistle and then Suzi's whistle

whi.jpg (110.0 KB)  whi2.jpg (135.7 KB)  

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