I do plan on selling these
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04/19/2012, 09:45:01

At this time I have collected quite a few very large German marbles, most are in bad shape and will need quite a bit of work to bring them up to their best, usually they come out more striking than the original because I do my best to get the outer glass layer as even as possible. When these marbles were made it was by hand so they are somewhat out of balance regarding color layers and such.

If I were trying to fool people to think these were from the African trade I would do as little work as possible and make my hole somewhat different than I am, there are ways to make things look old and if I were to do things right I think even most experts would be fooled.

I am wanting to take something wonderful and make it a little more wonderful. I will be signing and dating all of the marbles that I do all of the work on, also on some of the best I may line the holes with fine silver or fine gold. This said I expect that there will be collectors out there that want to own one of my reworks just as much as they want to own a German marble from the African trade.

All my best ............ Danny

P.S. Below is an image of a marble as purchased, it is quite large over 52 mm 2 inch, needless to say it is in pretty bad shape.

bad.jpg (98.1 KB)  

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