I wasn't planning on collecting marbles...
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Posted by: Carole Mail author
04/12/2012, 16:39:53

But many, many years ago, I lived in an apartment connected to a turn of the century grocery store. There used to be a school next to it, but it was torn down long ago. Rumor had it that the grocery store used to be a candy store.

I decided to put in a big garden in back. When the ground was tilled, many marbles surfaced. I went into a time warp and envisioned sun splashed boys, in circles, engrossed in their game.

They had finished school for the day, went to the candy store and then went around back to play marbles.
Over the years, I would find marbles each spring as I dug my irrigation trenches. Each one brought a smile and the time warp. But each year I found fewer and fewer. One spring, I grew worried I would never find another marble because I had almost finished turning over the soil. That's when I heard my three year old daughter call out from the back of the garden "Look mom! I found a marble!!" That was the last marble I ever needed to find in that garden.
After seeing posts about marbles,I had to get out my small collection and revisit them. Here are some of the most interesting marbles in my accidental collection.
The big clear cracked marbles brought back memories of my brothers boiling the marbles and then throwing them in cold water to crack them as was style at that time. :-)


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