Re: The Turquoise- Jasper?
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Posted by: Anne0135 Mail author
03/29/2012, 12:15:25

Sorry about the photo sizes all, I seem to be at war with this forum- its hard to judge 169 k, I guess that comes with practice.

As for the Turquoise., I thought I had read that someone mentioned it looked like Jasper. That post is gone now or it is somewhere else but I have to ask: Is there any chance this could be Jasper? And isn't Jasper (sorry) just another word for "junk"? I'm sorry but I've seen a lot of so-called "jasper" pieces and to me they just look like a catch all for we dont know what this is so we'll just call it "jasper" because its a composite of a whole lot of junk we cant identify.

If I am wrong please forgive me! And if you're a jasper lover please dont be insulted!! But do correct me. ;) Because some of it can come out looking really quite nice But I'd hate to confuse Turquoise with jasper and have never seen anything in Jasper that I would confuse with this. (A lot of the pieces from this estate do contain jasper and I really have to wonder what's up.)

Anyway, sorry about the small pics. I'm working on that.

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