Sea Urchins- but more important the turquoise
Re: Can't see the photos, but here are sea urchin beads -- birdi Post Reply Edit Forum Where am I?
Posted by: Anne0135 Mail author
03/17/2012, 06:38:04

Birdie, Thanks for the search! I saw those too and these to me dont look like sea urchin quills. They feel like dyed balsa or teke- I wondered if all those patterns on sea urchins are natural because these have no such patterns. Its amazing the mystery these beads and jewelry be and the journeys that it takes you on. Its like a scientific and cultural study in one. You have to REALLY be good to recognize fakes. there must be a billion dollar industry in people passing off fakes (Duh.) I do not plan on people one of them! That is why I have come here to learn! Thank u so much for your help. All of you.

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