More Eye Beads-Ancient?
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Posted by: Carole Mail author
01/15/2012, 17:01:21

Found more beads I forgot about. BTW, Jake from Nomad, Matt AKA Beadbox and, hopefully, Rick Rotten are going to put another show on at Jake's shop. This one will be called "The Magic Eye Bead"!!!! Matt has also piqued the interest of the curator of the Fort Collin's museum and we will all contribute to a show there in April called "Baskets and Beads" or vice versa. How cool is that. Hopefully we will chronicle THIS show in photos and post them. Back to these eye beads. I believe them to be ancient-let me know if I am wrong. I want to display the eye beads in Jake's show.
Beadster- what caught my eye is that the fourth bead on the right (pardon my hasty photography) is similar to your eye bead. It appear to have a greyish green core but in fact presents itself as almost black. It might be one of those dark purple beads that mimics a black bead and is quite frankly densely translucent.


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