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Posted by: Carole Mail author
01/15/2012, 12:53:18

vb zx I acquired these some 15 years, or so, ago, from a German bead dealer, at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show. They were on a strand with some other beads I wanted. They remind me of the story the Oppers told at the D.C. Bead conference about Mauritanians chipping ancient eye beads. They would put a hole in the chip and sell it. The Oppers tried to buy a bead intact but the Mauritanians wouldn't do it. Chips of eye beads were a fashion statement in their current culture.
I can't imagine chipping these eye beads unless to curse someone!
Oh, forgot protocol- the beads range from 16-18 centimeters with perforations 5-11 cm wide.


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