Oh yes, Venetians.....Thank you Floor...!!...and all others...!!
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Posted by: uwe Mail author
01/15/2012, 11:22:54

I missed these sundayshowandtell "showdowns" from the past... reminds me on my early days of my bead addiction, when I posted my first beads here, thinking they will be nice and rare, and Carl shows a whole strand of the same bead short time later...:-)
Now I have made three photos to show, looked again, if something is new, and see, that Carl has just posted a whole strand of these blue bead(s)(bead for me, beads for Carl...LOL...)A trip back in time...

Thank you all again, I really enjoy it...!!

okay, this still nice blue one...; a more common rosetta pattern, but with an unusual dark center in murrine; and one, I have shown some years before: a broken bead, not so uncommon as well from style and murrine, but interesting because of this layered basis, I have never seen again, and I saw sooo many broken beads.....

beide.jpg (149.6 KB)  1_broken.jpg (70.7 KB)  

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