yellow green bead
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Posted by: sandrowjw Mail author
01/14/2012, 22:28:48

Hi, Beadster,
The bead you posted is called 'dragon ball' by some people in china. It belongs to 'Yue' culture group which derives its glass manufacturing industry from southern asia (indo-pacific region) as well as north china. Many of these 'dragon balls' are composite bead (with a terra cotta core) but still some, though much rarer, has glass core. And yes, i saw yellow green in some of these 'dragon balls', mostly darker, but it's almost for these 'Yue' culture group beads only. They're very different from the one you posted earlier, whose style is more like western asia stratified eye bead. Furthermore a great portion of 'dragon balls' are brick-red or aqua-blue, too.

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