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01/14/2012, 10:43:08

If you check page 160 in the revised and expanded edition of "The History of Beads," you will see that the Chinese did use green glass for beads in the fifth to third century B.C. Of course the bead shown there is not identified as a Warring States bead nor are the others on the page...though I'm sure many of you would refer to at least a few of them as such. Maybe the book has it wrong? This bead was not sold as a Warring States bead anyway. The funny thing is that I was at Beadazzled in Washington DC and Kathleen who is the manager there held the bead in her hand and said it was a "Warring States" bead. It's a very heavy bead and I do know that barium was used in the Chinese glass beads which makes them heavier. Jan Skipper already told me it was a fake from the photo and a woman at the bead museum in Glendale was uncertain about the very neat opening. And, I purchased a smaller version personally from a man in New York. He presented the bead just as the larger one was presented. Regardless, I absolutely love this bead. And, I won't stop asking just because someone here dismisses it as a fake. Does anyone have one similar...I'd love to see it.

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