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Posted by: beadweyr Mail author
12/11/2011, 14:03:59

Hi Jim
It is hard to tell from pictures but there are thing that can be picked out. As Joyce mentioned quality of glass and colors of glass are one way of telling, also finishes on the beads and the way the bead holes look. To be honest this knowledge comes from lots of handling of beads and looking at lots of images. The beads that this seller is misrepresenting are most likely Czech or Indian or even Chinese. As Joyce recommends if people are not sure this is a great place to ask and get opinions.

One thing I have personal experience with and know is a major problem with Indian trade bead collecting is the common practice of many dealers to sell period and type correct beads traded in Africa as authentic Indian Trade beads. When I had my Bead business during the 90's I had several dealers that would by old Venetian beads from the African trade from me and take them to Pow Wows all along the east cost and sell them as authentic Indian trade beads. This is also very common on Ebay. Proving provenance on Indian trade beads is very difficult. Knowing the type of beads that were traded in the Americas helps to at least avoid buying incorrect period and type of beads.


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