To spot new repros,
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Posted by: Joyce Mail author
12/11/2011, 13:22:56

it helps a lot to be able to see and handle many many beads. Some differences don't show up in images, like the weighty feel a Venetian has (because of the lead oxide in the glass) compared to a new modern bead made in current times.

The seller can deliberately obscure (scrub it away) the tell-tale powdery residue inside new Czech or Indian beads. So the non- presence of the white powdery mandrel release is not conclusive.

The glass the new repros are made with is softer than the old glass - it shows in the lampwork decor of the so-called "ghost" beads in a very tell-tale way. The yellows are wrong, almost greenish. The reds and other colors are different. And the wear on the new ones is very uniform.

The best thing an honest eBay seller can do is mention this site in their auctions, and provide a direct link from your "me" page. You can't provide direct linkage from your auction, but you can from your "me" page. (Also you can provide a direct link to your website from your "me" page.)

Encouraging sellers and buyers alike to post images for discussion can only help educate.

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