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03/13/2016, 18:28:29

Thank you WIll,
I really wasn't sure what it was, just that it looked like a picture I had in my head of a duck bead that I had seen in "Manik Manik di Indonesia" - still looks more like that bead to me than the stunner you posted from the Korean National Treasure. I wish I were more confident with regard to recognizing authenticity by examining perforation and surface qualities but I'm not!
It was while reading Jamey Allen's account in the archives of this site a couple of weeks ago - of having newly made Jatims come apart in transit home - that it occurred to me that the duck bead was likely one of that ilk.
It IS cute though, and worth (to me) the $8 I parted with to bring it home.
Thank you again for your ever interesting, thoughtful and informative responses.
Greatly appreciated!

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