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Posted by: bob Mail author
03/28/2010, 13:09:30


Beautiful Stone Danny! Let me guess..... CHINESE???

I actually agree with you Danny. Potentially much of the turquoise came from China. Just not to the exclusion of anywhere else.

My point is what if somebody goes to Wikipedia and sees that all "Tibetan" turquoise came from a mine in China? Would that be accurate?? (Maybe so?)

If it isn't "Tibetan" then the inevitable argument is what to rename it and how it will be spelled. This kind of dialogue has happened before on BCN and no one prevails. You just get exhausted.

I'd rather switch than fight myself!

Here's what I think. You know way more about turquoise than I do and I could learn a lot from you. In some cases the opposite may also have some relevance?

With that in mind when we finally get together I will buy the first round and the first guy to run out of wind has to buy the next one.

Bring your friends but please - no knives!

Rock, paper, scissors....... OK?

Best // bob ;-}


ps: This Buds' for you..... (too bad your not here!)

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