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02/09/2016, 11:09:40

I think with all the responses you should be able to distinguish the different types.
Couple things to add: Aventurine glass or goldstone glass does not like direct heat from the torch. It's sparkle will go away when heated too much. Not just silver and gold foil and leaf are used in lampwork. Copper is also used sometimes as leaf. It is sometimes cut into shapes and added to a glass piece. It get's a nice colored look and when treated right it keeps it's shape.

Gold and silver are also often used for 'fuming' especially by modern glass artists. It creates the most beautiful results.

The books by Jargstorff are great for what you are looking into. Not so much for identification, but for the history, you might also enjoy my books on 'Beads from Jablonec' and 'Beads from Germany'. They can be downloaded for free.

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