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Posted by: jake@nomaddesign Mail author
05/11/2009, 14:13:58

Hi Jamey, and all else~
.........I get what you are saying about the leaching effect, a good point for me to remember. Thank you.

My question was:
"I know that mineralization can be intentionally added to fake antiques, but I suppose that there must be some tests to reveal the type of mineral on a bead. Furthermore, I would also suppose that the minerals attached to glass over centuries, verses a day or so plus would differ somehow?"

The reason for the question is that I had a strand of new stratified eye beads from China, they were coated with something to appear as calcium. I am sure there are easy tests to see if the coating is in fact calcium, or just some facsimile. We have all seen calcium build up on coffee pots, plant vases, shower heads, etc, it seems easy to do intentionally. Some of the beautiful roman era (etc.) glass have other minerals attached, I do not know what they are, and would love to be informed. Thanks, Jake.

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