Re: Back to Bali -- Beadman Post Reply Edit Forum Where am I?
Posted by: Beadman Mail author
05/05/2009, 15:30:31

Yekti informs me that the large beadwork panel seen in this photograph, and the boxes, are from the Lampung region of South Sumatra, and not Borneo--which is helpful information. (Since Mr. Ferry is from Sumatra, this is not surprising.)

Yekti also confirms that the seeds I showed are rattan, and come in several varieties (some as large as ping pong balls)--and she notes that Java is the home of the rudraksha seed, valued in India by Shivaites and imported from Java for many centuries. (I expect many of us own these malas and know the story. I do.) Yekti also confirms that the shell pectoral is from New Guinea, used by members of the Dani tribe.


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