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04/29/2009, 02:26:30

In contrast, I bought this necklace from Jeff, that is made from the only ancient beads I acquired on this Indonesian trip (recalling that my purpose was not to buy old beads, but to study and acquire NEW beads that become misrepresented as "ancient"). These are plain jatim, also made via the hot-pinched method, and are essentially like the bases of decorated beads, without the decoration. Although I thought the combination of red and lime-green beads together was not exactly stunning, I felt this was a necklace that had been around for a while, had not sold, and that I could get for a good price—which turned out to be the case. I won't feel bad about taking it apart to make something else.

Of course, as it happened, I paid less for these beads than I did for the two strands of new beads I just showed. Go figure.


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