A Real Pig Head Bead for those who loves Chinese beads and cultures
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Posted by: redmountain Mail author
02/23/2009, 02:04:17

I met this piece very occationally when I knocked into a small antique shop in Tongliao Innermogolia China in 2005.
At that time there were already plenty of fake hongshan culture articles around, but when I picked up this one from a strand of bronze age terra cotta spinning wheels
I almost can not stop my tiny hands from shaking
you know what I am talking about

It is a real Pig head !
though a little bit broken.

Today I still keep this as a gift from those people who lived in that region about six or seven thousand years ago.

To be honest only god knows what the pig head (as some said so)really is or means and what exactlly in the minds of those people who made such kind of things


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