"The Trade Bead Period"
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03/04/2024, 05:43:24

A recent discussion here included the mention of my published expositions of "The Trade Bead Period" (as I have defined it in-print in 2007 and 2015), and wherein I also posted links to multiple past dialogues I have posted here at BCN Forum, discussing the Trade Bead Period.

Today I was looking through my Archive encompassing 2012 to 2015, where I have stored an exposition about the meaning of the term "trade bead," and how, beginning in 1972 (but now rampantly), it has become misunderstood and misused--thereby destroying what is a useful term for certain beads. This is an exposition from 2013, when I was moderating the Yahoo Group, Trade Bead Talk.

Attached here is a summing-up of that exposition in two paragraphs.

Anyone is free to disagree. But my assertions are carefully considered and practical, and result from fifty years in this arena--and are not half-baked.

I understand that all this is inconvenient for anyone whose business is selling new beads as though they were old beads. But people have a right to know that this happens--quite a lot. Serious bead research provides useful information, to counter mythology and nonsense.


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