The Tom & Theada Howard Collection
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03/03/2024, 12:16:05

Hi Dannoh,
Yeah, very little activity here on BCN these days...most everyone has bugged out and is over on various FaceBook pages. I miss the "good old days"...

The Howards are the people that run T&T Trading, a bead store that is online and also brick & mortar. They are collectors and sellers of old trade beads, new reproductions of trade beads, and all sorts of other beads.

From their website:

T & T was established over 25 years ago by Tom and Theada Howard. We are a real brick and mortar company with a warehouse and showroom in mid Michigan, near Lansing.
T & T Trading
1063 E Grand Ledge Hwy
Grand Ledge, MI 48837

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