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02/18/2024, 11:55:20

I recently made this pendant, with one of these so called Mali stones --a 15x22mm agate-- three ancient crystal beads from South East Asia, and gold.

The pendant by itself is not the Jewel of the Crown, but the agate bead is really one of a kind: after the cutting task, an ancient lapidary noticed the hole you can also see, and beyond it a small cave, its walls covered with quartz crystals: a geode. Thus, to allow the light to come in, he made a tiny extra perforation from de main X shaped bead perforation.
The very clear crystal beads do not stop a well directed ray of light to dispell the aeons-old darkness of the inner space. You (aided perhaps by a jeweller's magnifier) are then welcome into a mind-blowing natural shrine...
A good trip, indeed.

carnelian_geode+crystal+Au.jpg (187.0 KB)  

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