Not very Christmas-themed Christmas-card
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12/24/2023, 02:50:52

...but as it has been born today, I beg your pardon, here it is!

The center piece, a 64 mm high Tibetan bronze citipati, was probably meant to be used as ornamental aplique on a ritual object. Its attendants are:

* One pair of Chinese modern jade skulls, a gift of our beloved Forumite "cicada"-- at both ends.
And starting from left...
**A Japanese circa XIX century ivory memento mori.
***A Tibetan (style) sea-shell skull (plastic?).
****An antique European ivory skull, originally meant to be fixed at the foot of a crucifix (Adam's skull) now perforated and morphed into a bead.
*****A very old European(?) coral skull.
The glass rings are European (German?), similar to those more common dark blue ones.
The torque is made of a very light (aluminum?) 6 mm thick rod, with a thin 24cts gold ribbon, wrapped (and glued) over it.

torque+skulls.jpg (47.6 KB)  

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