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10/25/2023, 18:29:16

I got these mysterious beads via an auction.

They were ID'd as "Venetian," and as "African trade beads"--which they are neither.

Instead, these are recent/new imitations of Paiwan heirloom glass beads (of mysterious origin), from Formosa. These beads are equally mysterious, since they appear to derive from drawn plain beads, some of which have traditional designs, that have been rendered via painted and fused enamel work. Very different from the mosaic-glass of the original beads.

I was interested to acquire this necklace because I have not seen these imitations elsewhere (until after I bought them). I showed the necklace (in auction photos) to Robert Liu, and he remarked he likewise had not seen them before.

Since then, another seller is offering a bracelet that includes these beads--which I would buy except it's too pricy.

Has anyone else seen these?


8926_ja_imitation_paiwan_bds_nk_oct23.jpg (96.8 KB)  8928_ja_not_paiwan_bds_detail_oct23.jpg (138.9 KB)  

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