Show & Tell - Venetian Fancies
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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
08/17/2023, 14:23:55

I'm really missing the more frequent posts here on BCN, especially just simple show & tells of favorite beads.

So here are some of my recent compositions of Venetian beads to share with the BCN audience.

First photo shows necklaces made from sets of matched beads.

Second photo is a mixed strand of same-color blue, different design fancies. The small pink & white ruffle beads are really sweet - and I'd love to have a few more. So if you see any around the bead venues, let me know - assuming you don't want them for yourself, of course!

FancyStrands.jpg (142.1 KB)  TealBluePinkFancies.jpg (48.5 KB)  

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